Packed with love

Good gift wrapping does not need to be expensive

For everyone who has ever come unstuck over ribbon or has hesitated to hand over a lovingly chosen gift because of its disastrous packaging, help is at hand.

As not everyone is Christo and ribbon may not even reflect their own personal taste, a new solution is at hand: PACKED WITH LOVE tape turns even the simplest gift wrapping into a winner! You will find examples on the Pictures page.

Now even gift wrap grouches and ribbon haters can wrap their presents simply and cleanly!


Packed with love - the original sticky paper tapes i a sixpack


The paper version with synthetic rubber adhesive costs €7.90.

Back in 1995, a jewellery box designed by me won first prize in the packaging category of the Innovation Awards. I was given the award by a lady with a distinctive pudding bowl haircut – none other than our former Federal Environment Minister and up-to-date Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel!

PACKED WITH LOVE tape needs no prize to impress, just its low price.


Last update: october 20 2020 - Copyright: Nina von Wahlberg