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Men and gift wrapping – an emotive subject

Can men wrap gifts? Even though they claim they are not cut out for it? Or is that just a lame excuse? Read these interesting articles on this gender issue.

“I’m not Christo!” is a protest often heard from men when they are faced with the daunting task of wrapping a gift. The article by Stern Editor Kester Schlenz is written with a great deal of humour, but sadly offers little hope that the situation will improve.

According to Brigitte magazine, the reasons for the disparity between the sexes are based purely on their physical differences: Why men can’t wrap gifts

It is amazing just how many women are preoccupied by the subject of men’s inadequacies in the gift-wrapping department: Page after page of frustration with the opposite sex

It is often claimed as a reason why men can’t wrap gifts that they don’t have the fine motor skills required to handle glossy paper and curly ribbon. An argument that is decisively refuted in this article.

If you find any other articles on this subject worth reading, please let us know.

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