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Interview by Dawanda

Dawanda was a platform similar to Etsy. Here I started selling my tapes also online since 2011 (I began selling it since 2009). Dawanda shut down in July 2018, and since then I sell my tapes solely at Etsy.

The interview was made in 2012.

In the interview: Nina von pipapur

Sometimes the little things make the difference. Such as the packaging of a gift. Because not only the content of a gift can give pleasure to others, but also the unpacking itself. The masking tapes and tapes by Nina von pipapur turn presents into little declarations of love. In the interview, Nina tells you about her creative work process and her sources of inspiration.

Please introduce yourself:
I can persevere with a thought, a thing or a dream. This is not only beneficial for a large garden. At first I did fashion, set design, window dressing and much more. Then I studied design in Cologne and wrote my diploma thesis on 'The Soul of Things'. I earn the bread mainly with the Creative Direction in an agency. In addition, I'm running the Forum Garten-pur with my husband since 2003. For five years we live in the countryside and love it very much. I definitely arrived there. In addition, humor is vital to me. I have a strong bond with nature, I am an enthusiastic cook and fond of my five chickens.

How did you discover your creative streak and who inspires you?
As a child, I have always drawn, made, sewed and transformed a lot. At that time, I made my sister happy with self-made machines and specially thought-out board games. The biggest eye-catching experience came when I saw the wonderful design objects of the Dutch group Droog for the first time - simply fantastic!

Otherwise, I admire:
Ettore Sottsass - for his courage
Charles and Ray Eames - for the elegant style
Dieter Rams - for his reduction
Ingo Maurer - for his poetry
Achille and Piero Castiglioni - for their freedom
Philippe Starck - for his humor
Kaj Franck - for his simplicity
Michael Erlhoff - for the way he teaches and inspires

How do you come up with the idea for new products?
The ideas simmer in me for a long time, until one day they are simply put on paper. I prefer to work with natural materials and like to browse DIY stores.

Describe briefly your creative work process:
Many scribbled notes with drawings and notes that will eventually become reality.

How would you describe your style and what characterizes it?
Humorous, purist, optimistic!

Who are your customers and what is your bestseller?
My paper tape PACKED WITH LOVE is the best! It is bought by many people from creative professions, with a lot of humor from every age group. The best part is that my ribbons are bought worldwide. Even to New Zealand, Malaysia, USA and Canada I ship - that's a crazy feeling!

Do you have "colleagues" with whom you exchange about techniques, tricks and ideas? How important is networking with other creatives?
I rummage in the DaWanda forum from time to time, but by having my own forum writing up to 900 posts a day, I just do not have the time.

What role does DaWanda play in your creative work and what has changed for you since you opened your DaWanda shop?
DaWanda has changed a lot. Suddenly I have a worldwide giant audience for my spinning mills! Great are the personal contacts with the customers, the wonderful comments and compliments you receive. Every day I read extremely nice things in the reviews. That makes you very happy! When do you have such a direct contact with your customers? Besides, the people who work on DaWanda are all nice, straightforward and very positive.

Your conclusion?

The holes are the main thing about a sieve! Thank you DaWanda!

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